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Kingston Wedding Photographer

Hey, we are not typical Kingston wedding photographers that just shoot a couple of weddings a year. Our wedding photographers are professionals, and they do photography for a living. Their experience and ability in shooting various types of weddings shine through in our portfolio. Read below to find out more about what we do, or shoot us a message about your wedding and other pre-marriage plans today. Either is fine with us.

If your big day is coming up, finding a great and professional photographer who specializes in wedding photography Kingston, Ontario-wide should be one of your main priorities. As a bride-to-be, it is in your best interest to choose a professional wedding photographer over an amateur, because the formality and uniqueness of the event leaves no room for trial and error or botching the job when it comes to photography.

At the end of the day, who wants to look at poor quality wedding photos that fail to capture emotion and beauty? A skilled and experienced professional consistently delivers top-quality images, while an amateur may just occasionally shoot a good photo. By hiring a top professional wedding photographer in Kingston, Ontario, you can rest assured that all of your wedding photos will be of the highest quality and authentic, so you can look back with satisfaction, love, and pride.

Why Photography Is Important for Your Engagement and Special Day 

When done right, engagement and wedding photography succeeds in capturing the beauty, distinctiveness, and emotional intensity of the most special moments in a couple’s life like no other medium. Unfortunately, these one-of-a-kind moments do not last forever, but by harnessing the power of professional photography, couples benefit from the creation of meaningful memories to hold on to forever.

Photography deals with time — one thing we cannot control. Photography immortalizes the precious split second that is already gone. This is extremely important when it comes to your engagement and big day, For most couples, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event; never again will they experience the walk down the aisle, the first kiss as a married couple and the signing of the register.

This is where photography comes into play, capturing these precious moments, and making them timeless. What couple would not want to immortalize their first kiss as husband and wife? Photography is absolutely crucial to creating cherished memories not only for yourselves as a couple, but also for your children and future generations. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true for genuine, true-to-life wedding images that speak to you till the end of time.

It is also worth noting that a wedding is a significant investment. You cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to capture this momentous and expensive event. By choosing to have your wedding captured in all its glory and emotional intensity (only an experienced and skilled professional wedding photographer in Kingston can pull it off), you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy and relive it for many years to come. 

One of the oldest genres of professional photography, wedding photography is a unique and exciting blend of event photography and portraiture carried out in a wide array of settings and groups in the context of a wedding. There is more to it than the photoshoot session. Wedding photography also involves pre-production (e.g. ensuring proper lighting and other prep work) and post-processing (retouching and editing). Post-processing is quintessential to delivering top-quality photos (for Kingston wedding photographers) and usually takes more time than the photoshoot session itself.

There are two major types of wedding photography — traditional wedding photography and contemporary wedding photography. Old-school wedding photography involves a great deal of posing and directing, so the photographer’s intervention is substantial. Candid wedding photography, also known as documentary or reportage wedding photography is the most widespread and popular style of contemporary wedding photography. This style is the exact opposite of traditional wedding photography.

Candid wedding photography essentially documents a wedding as it unfolds and the photographer only intervenes when it comes to portraits with the couple’s family and friends (i.e. posed group photos). This laid-back style delivers natural-looking, genuine, and emotionally charged imagery, and is recommended for those Kingston couples who hate posing. The photographer shoots unstaged, candid moments without intervening and altering the scene. 

This style requires a specific set of skills, a creative approach to composition, a sense of anticipation, and speed of reaction, among others, in order to capture authentic and meaningful images. Given that there is no directing involved, the photographer needs to anticipate the subject’s next move, compose the image and wait for the best expression. The photographer also needs to constantly move in order to shoot images from different angles. 

Fashion-based wedding photography is a combination of candid images of the wedding day and posed images inspired by editorial fashion photography. The photographer’s intervention is more extensive than in candid wedding photography. The main advantage of this style is that it delivers modern and polished, fashion magazine-quality images. Fashion-inspired wedding photography is preferred by couples who want their wedding photos to look more sophisticated, akin to a fashion editorial. If you dislike posing, then this style may not be right for you. 

Regardless of the style you choose, a great professional (Kingston photographer) specialized in wedding photography Kingston, Ontario-wide is able to capture powerful emotion and this is the most important thing — the quintessence of successful wedding photography.

A wedding photographer’s role is to capture the special moments of your wedding day and ultimately to create a visual narrative that artistically reflects the beauty of your love story and the emotional intensity of your union. Depending on the specific wedding photography style that you choose for your wedding coverage, the photographer will intervene more or less according to stylistic demands. In documentary wedding photography, the photographer does not have control over the subject (movement, expression, body language, etc,). 

Professional Kingston wedding photographers who practice the documentary wedding photography style are known as wedding photojournalists because this style is inspired by the genre called photojournalism. A wedding photojournalist documents the couple’s wedding preparations, the wedding ceremony, the cocktail hour, the wedding reception, and also any other special moments in-between that the couple deems important. Typically, the couple’s first dance marks the end of the wedding coverage unless the couple requests additional photos of the wedding party (or additional coverage hours).

The difference between a good Kingston, Ontario, wedding photographer and a great Kingston, Ontario, wedding photographer is that a good one captures only the aesthetics/beauty of the event, while a great one captures both the beauty and the very heart and soul of the celebration. In other words, a great Kingston, Ontario, wedding photographer captures a myriad of emotions and feelings and visually tells your unique story through carefully chosen, creative, and heartwarming compositions. 

Some couples nowadays appear to be content with just a bunch of wedding day selfies and other smartphone images to post on social media. They don’t feel the need to have a wedding album that narrates their story because the photos get posted on the internet anyway. These couples are missing out on the unique storytelling power of formal, professional wedding coverage which is the mainstay of any meaningful wedding album. 

The importance of finding and hiring a great and professional Kingston, Ontario, wedding photographer with impressive storytelling skills cannot be stressed enough. These skills, among others, are reflected in a photographer’s portfolio. Asking your friends, family, and acquaintances if they could recommend a professional wedding photographer in Kingston, based on their personal experience, is a good starting point. 

You can also use Google to search “best Kingston, Ontario, wedding photographer” or “best wedding photographer in Kingston, Ontario…”, both of which will return tons of results because professional wedding photography in Kingston is a highly competitive marketplace. Be sure to go through at least a few pages (websites and professionals) and then take your time to check out their (each photographers’) portfolio. 

This will help you see if their work aligns with your own vision in terms of your wedding photos (if you don’t have a vision, you can get some inspiration). It is also worthwhile to read their reviews on Google, which is a great source of real reviews. Likewise, you can use photography directories to search by specialty (i.e. wedding photography) and location. 

Once you’ve shortlisted the professionals within your wedding budget and whose work you like, it’s important to book a consultation with at least a couple of them to discuss your needs and ideas and see if you are comfortable working with them or not. A wedding photographer’s personality is also important when it comes to choosing the right one because if his/her personality is very different than yours and you feel uncomfortable, this will show in your wedding photos.

At Studio Four Photo, we have teamed up with top Kingston wedding photographers to provide you with the finest quality wedding photographs, brimming with emotion, that artistically tell your love story. Our mission is to create everlasting treasured memories for you, your loved ones, and future generations of your family. We offer a selection of wedding photography packages to suit all wedding budgets.

If you have any queries, want to learn more, or secure our top-tier and affordable professional wedding photography services in Kingston, Ontario, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. It will be a privilege to capture your special moments and deliver the picture-perfect, emotion-laden wedding photos that you expect. When you need a top professional who specializes in wedding photography Kingston-wide, be sure to book a consultation with us at Studio Four Photo!