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Ottawa Wedding Photographer

If you are planning your wedding day right now, are in the process of planning it, or are just beginning, you want to listen up and focus. Choosing an Ottawa wedding photographer to take photos of your big day and all of your amazing guests will be the most important decision you make with regards to your wedding day preparations. Trust us, a professional Ottawa wedding photographer has the power to make your special day live on in everyone’s minds and hearts forever with beautiful pictures. A great Ottawa wedding photographer can/should/will deliver beautiful photos; photos that if done right will be etched in your mind and heart forever. Because of the magnitude of the importance of finding and hiring the right wedding photographer, we have created the guide below to help you in your journey to find the right Ottawa wedding photographer for you.

“When I was planning my wedding day, so many people around me told me that a professional photographer was a must-have for my big day. At the time, I can’t say I was completely sold on the idea. My budget was running increasingly thin, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was just an unnecessary added expense… especially after seeing photos from friends who hadn’t had such a great experience with their low-budget photographers. I knew I wanted to have lasting memories from the day, but wasn’t sure it suited my budget to hire a professional. I even considered a little DIY project! However, as I look at the wedding photos years later, I have to admit that a professional photographer might have been one of the most important investments I made.

My professional wedding photos didn’t just capture how I looked on the day, they captured every single emotion that ran through my head on the day too, which makes them so incredibly special to look back on. Even better, I’d managed to find a photographer who suited my budget, without any compromise on quality. In fact, I was so pleased with my wedding photos that I began to wonder why I didn’t invest in professional photography for some of life’s other big events. How I wish I’d had a photographer there to eternalize the excitement at our engagement party!” – A Beautiful Bride 

Professional photography (in Ottawa) is one of the best possible ways to make your most treasured memories last forever. However, the sheer amount of choice out there can put some people off, or leave them worried that their photos might not look as good as they imagined. This in-depth guide runs through everything you need to know about professional photography in Ottawa, and how to find the best Ottawa photographer for you and your budget.

In the age of smartphones and social media, taking photos has become a staple in everyone’s life. Whether it’s taking selfies with our friends, photos of our food or funny things we notice in our day-to-day lives, for most of us, taking photos has become so normalized that we might even be taking it for granted!

Do you know, or can you remember that special feeling of sitting down with someone while they show you old photographs from when they were young? Or special moments in their life? Photography is something special that allows us to cherish all the things we have done and seen, it isn’t just something to be forgotten about in your camera roll.

It might be a cliché, but one photograph can provide you with a lifetime of joy, nostalgia, and even laughter. That’s why people continue to opt for a professional Ottawa photographer when it comes to capturing life’s significant moments.

Our smartphones may have high-quality cameras, but most people are still choosing to invest in a professional Ottawa photographer for important occasions such as weddings, engagements, graduations, parties, and more. The initial benefits may seem obvious, sure, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the occasion while someone else is in charge of taking the photos. However, the true advantages of professional photography are a little more meaningful…

They’re an expert at capturing the essence of the moment

There is no feeling quite like the excitement, joy, and love that hangs in the air at a wedding. Every one of life’s significant events come with unique feelings and emotions, and it is that special feeling (or the many amazing feelings) that you will want to remember for the rest of your life.

The incredible thing about professional Ottawa photographers is that they are not only good at taking photos, they’re an expert at conveying meaning and emotions with the photos they take. 

For instance, in those moments where you and those around you are caught up in laughter, emotion or dancing, not thinking about taking photos yourself – the photographer will be there getting some of the most memorable shots of the event and maybe even of your life.

Whether it’s the moment the bride puts on her shoes, the first glance the groom gets of his bride at the aisle, or the proud look on the mother-of-the-bride’s face, a professional Ottawa photographer will make these moments eternal in stunning photographs.

They take photos than reflect your personality 

You may have already noticed during your search for an Ottawa photographer that no true master or professional Ottawa photographer is the same as another photographer (Ottawa based or not) – personalities and skill change from one photographer to the next. They all know how to take beautiful pictures, but they also each have their own special style. This allows you to have a photographer at your special event that creates an end product to truly reflect your personality.

When choosing the right professional Ottawa photographer for you, it’s important to take a look at their past work and pay attention to their personal style. Some Ottawa photographers will specialize in more staged and posed shots, while others capture emotions and key moments as they unfold.

Some Ottawa photographers may also specialize in more artistic and creative shots, while others are more traditional. Finding a professional Ottawa photographer whose style really resonates with your tastes and personality can really add some extra sentimentality to your photographs, as well as making them stand out in your album, on your walls, or on your Instagram feed!

They’ll have you looking your best

Professional Ottawa photographers are well-trained in their profession, and have lots of experience under their belt – not only do they know how to get the best shot of you and your guests, they want to get the best-looking shot possible that you’ll be happy with so they work to find the best shot of you.

When you leave your photography down to family or friends, you run the risk of them not getting your most flattering angles, getting the lighting wrong or not getting the best shots of your outfit. Professional Ottawa photographers on the other hand know how to get in the right positions for angles that you’ll love, and how to make the best of different lighting situations.

So, no matter if you’re outside, inside, if it’s day or night – you know that your photographer will be getting the best possible shots.

The quality will be exceptional

As we mentioned earlier, most of us have a smartphone with a very high-quality camera (or better). There is also a vast range of affordable cameras on the market with top features and massive megapixels. However, nothing will ever come close to the quality of professional equipment and someone who knows what they’re doing behind the lens!

Professional Ottawa photographers invest in top-of-the-range equipment for their photographs, and part of the pleasure of hiring a professional is that they use such valuable equipment to make your photos the best they can possibly be.

Furthermore, professionals have worked tirelessly to hone their skills. Each picture is framed in the most effective and artistic way. No need to worry about anyone being out-of-shot or cropped out. Everyone and everything special will be in each picture – making them beautiful and more special!

You can be sure they will get every shot

Even in the rare situation that you have a friend or relative that knows how to take a good photo, and they’ve offered to take photographs at your event. There is going to be so much going on at your event that it will become overwhelming for them – it can’t be highlighted and emphasized enough, being a photographer is a full-time job. As someone tries to grapple being a guest and being the photographer, they will no doubt be missing some of the most important photo ops!

With a professional Ottawa photographer, you can be confident that there is someone at your event whose sole job is to take photos. They’ll be able to cover all bases without getting distracted, side-lined, or drinking too much champagne!

We’ve all come across professional photographers at events, such as at weddings, Christmas parties or music events. However, now that we’ve covered all of the benefits of having a professional photographer to capture your special memories, you may be wondering which occasions to hire one for.

Life’s significant moments don’t always happen at weddings or big events, so why not make the most of professional photography (in Ottawa) for other moments that you know you’ll want to cherish forever? Some of the most common events for professional photography (in Ottawa) include”


Concerts and festivals

Birthday parties


However, more and more people are hiring a professional Ottawa photographer to eternalize the memories made at:

Engagement celebrations

Anniversary celebrations

Parties with friends

Family milestones

A quick Google search for an Ottawa photographer demonstrates exactly how daunting finding a professional photographer can be. With so many people and businesses offering photography in Ottawa, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking finding one would be easy. Yet, each photographer offers something a little different with their pictures, as well as with their prices. Here’s our guide for how to find the ideal Ottawa photographer for you.

Check out their portfolio

If you have a vision for how you’d like your photographs to look, you’ll definitely want to check out each photographer’s portfolio and see if they take the kind of pictures you like. Furthermore, if you don’t have something specific in mind, portfolios can be a great place to get some inspiration! 

This is a great way to see if a photographer usually takes posed shots like group photos and portraits, or discrete action shots. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the events each photographer usually attends, and choose one who has plenty of experience at the event you’re hoping to have photographed.

When you’re paying someone to capture the memories you will treasure for a lifetime, you want both the captured memories (in the form of a picture) and the photographer to be the best quality possible. Especially if you’re paying a premium for a photographer! When you look at a prospective photographer’s portfolio, there are several key factors and things to look out for that could cast some doubt over the quality of the finished product. Here’s a quick checklist to run past their portfolio:

Do any of the pictures look too blurry or too sharp? Or are any of the pictures blurry where they shouldn’t be?

Do any of the pictures look dark and dull? Or too bright and exposed?

Do the colors look well-balanced? Does skin look overly orange, or whites not white enough?

Do the photos look like they have a pre-set filter over them?

Of course, blur, contrast, color and filters can all be used skillfully and tastefully, however they can also be warning signs of an inexperienced photographer if the pictures just don’t look natural and balanced. If the pictures in the portfolio don’t look perfect, there’s a chance your photos won’t come out well either, and it’s not worth the risk to hire a photographer that does not put effort into their work.

Ask the right questions

A photographer’s lack of organization, inability to meet deadlines or lack of punctuality can not only cause inconvenience on the day of the event, but the way you remember the event in the future. It can be hard to tell from a website whether or not you can trust a photographer to give you their all on your big day, but you can ask the right questions…

We’d recommend making sure you ask a photographer

  1. What time do you plan to arrive, and do you usually arrive early?
  2. If the event is running late, what will you do?
  3. If it’s raining or the lighting isn’t good and we can’t get some of the planned shots, what’s your plan B? How prepared are you for the plan B scenario if it occurs?

Not only will this help you gauge how prepared and professional the photographer is, it will also let them know that you are just as serious about your photographs as they are (or hopefully are).

No matter how far your budget stretches, you will still want the best quality photography possible for your special occasion. Of course, the bigger the budget, the easier it will be to find a photographer who ticks all your boxes. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a high-quality photographer out there who perfectly fits your budget if your budget is a bit smaller (or more average).

We’d recommend setting a firm budget for how much you can afford to spend on photography before you begin enquiring with different professionals. Then find a shortlist of photographers whose work you love, ask for their prices and shop around. With a little effort, you can find the awesome Ottawa photographer you deserve and want, perfectly within your budget.

Weddings are without a doubt, one of the most popular events for hiring a professional photographer (in Ottawa). However, with so much to plan for on the big day and so much pressure to immortalize such a significant event exactly how you imagined it – planning your wedding photography can seem like an overwhelming task. In this section of the guide, we highlight some of the key things to look for and ask for in an Ottawa wedding photographer…

What should a good Ottawa wedding photographer take pictures of?

Every Ottawa wedding photographer is different (as much as we know), but all of them should be trying their best to document as much of the day as possible. It’s a great idea for you to give your photographer a few guidelines (or list) for some of the photographs you’d like them to take. For instance, maybe it is really important that you get a few great shots with your mother before walking down the aisle, or you want to make sure you get a group shot of all the family all together outside while the sun is still bright. Don’t be shy when it comes to telling your photographer exactly what you want, just make sure you give them plenty of time to plan ahead. We’d also recommend getting some inspiration from other wedding photos (Pinterest is a great place to look, as well as your chosen wedding photographer’s portfolio).

We know that a search for an amazing Ottawa wedding photographer can be hard, in fact, it can be one of the hardest things you have to do when it comes to planning a successful and eventful wedding. This is why we have teamed up with some of the best Ottawa wedding photographers to deliver to you amazing photos and beautiful wedding photography in Ottawa. We are talking about some top Ottawa wedding photographers here. Amazing and talented photographers that are super fun to work with. Get in touch today and we will help you get in contact with the right Ottawa wedding photographer for you.